Parish Meeting – Visioning Process

As the diocese moves forward to identify what is important to the Parish Life of its Congregation, we are embarking on a process to develop a Pastoral Plan for the next (5) five years. This Plan will be an effort to focus on the pastoral needs of our whole diocese. This Plan will begin with a statement of the Vision of the diocese as it strives to live up to its Vision (What are we called to do given the vision that we have?). A Plan normally includes three categories: Goals, objectives and strategies. Your knowledge and expertise is crucial to the successful development and implementation of the Plan. All parishioners are invited to participate initially in a Pastoral Visioning Information Session that will be held in Holy Trinity Church, on Sunday, November 21st at 2pm. This is an opportunity to discover how you can contribute to the development of the Plan. Looking forward to having as many of our parishioners as possible attend.